The 3Lions of England pick Brazil 2014 ticket


My favourite national team, the Three Lions of England bagged a spot at next year’s World Cup final beaten Poland 2-0 at the Wembley stadium in England. It was a must win match for England in order to qualify automatically for the tournament holding next year rather than go through the play-offs. Ukraine played San Marino in the other qualifier and the Ukrainians were hoping England will slip up giving them the chance to qualify ahead of them.
Both games were played simultaneously and within 35 minutes Ukraine had romped to a 3-0 lead while England was still searching for a goal. Before half time, Manchester United’s second best player so far this season; Wayne Rooney gave the Lions the lead. Yea Rooney is second best just after Michael Carrick *bite me*. The second half kicked off with the Polish lads being more purposeful and looking for that goal that would bring the English down to earth and within 22 minutes of the second half of the Ukraine versus San Marino game, Ukraine was already 7 up. England seemed to be walking on a thin rope (did that even make sense?) at this point and an equalizer from Poland could spoil everything. The Polish guys were having chances while their goalie was keeping the English lads at bay. The relief I so desired came in the 88th when the captain of the Lions scored a goal to give England a 2 nil lead and guarantee us a place in the World Cup finals. Boy I was at the edge of my sit all through the game. Glad the lads pulled through.
England join Brazil (hosts), Spain (defending champions), Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Iran, Australia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Colombia, South Korea, U.S.A, Belgium, Costa Rica, Honduras, Russia and Italy with automatic spots at the World Cup while other qualifiers would be known sometimes in November. Teams like France, Portugal, Greece, Iceland, Ukraine, Sweden, Romania, Croatia would be paired against each other for being group runners up to determine the final four World Cup slots from Europe. Denmark were runners up too but didn’t make the play off cut because they were the worst runner up. There are other play off games to come up to give a picture of all 32 teams that would be playing at the World Cup come June next year.
England was unbeaten throughout the qualifiers and are second to Spain in terms of the least amount of goals conceded though but England played more games compared to Spain.
So there you have it, all teams I like have made it through to the finals (would do a preview on all my teams before the tournament) except Portugal and Nigeria but England is top priority. “Two World Wars and One World Cup England, England. Two World Wars and One World Cup England All The Way”.
Thanks for reading as always………… Stay Blessed
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