Man Utd Falls Hand Again, King Ramsey and Eto'o


For the first time in about two years I missed a Manchester United game. I missed it because it was my friend’s wedding and my one of my closest friend’s daughter was turning one. Yea another day of temptation but no I didn’t fall. The groom was even shocked I didn’t take out of the Hennessy he offered myself and Lingo (my friend that I went to the wedding with). I usually have an alternative if I have to go out on a match day, which is my walka but unfortunately the game wasn’t aired on Supersport 3.
I can’t say much about the game I didn’t see, all I knew was the result and the goal scorers. It’s sad my team are playing badly but a revolution is never easy. David Moyes might seem confused no doubt but these players are paid for a reason. Yes quality players weren’t signed and that has been clear for over a month now. If the quality we have now cannot beat the likes of Westbrom, Southampton then what happens when we face the big boys? Sigh. My conclusion on this is the boys are not willing to play for this manager (Moyes) and can’t wait for him to be kicked out. My crazy friend Ricky tweeted at me yesterday saying if Southampton are to qualify for the champions league it is games against a mid table side like Man Utd they need to be winning. Lmao, Ricky if I catch you. The game ended 1-1.
11 points from 8 games for Man Utd is so bad that it feels like a top 4 finish is unlikely. Tufiakwa, Manchester United is winning the league this season. If Assnal like make dem dey top, it’s just temporary and we know when their faltering period is. As for Chelsea they are sorta grinding out results but they are not fantastic jare and Man City? Well Manchester is RED jor not bothered about them. Spurs is another team to watch out for, they just need more time to gel. Liverpool? Initial grags is what they are doing, we all know their aim is just to topple Everton come end of the season.
The United issue is just a phase we will overcome soon. The lads will come through as time goes on. Though I still want to know if Shinji Kagawa has done anything to piss Moyes off. Stats show that with the small playing time the little Jap has had, he has created the best scoring chances. Michael Carrick however has been the player who has completed the most successful passes in the EPL with a large number of the passes attacking ones. Yea had to point that out because he is no Mikel Obi. It’s nothing to brag about but it’s worth stating.
I didn’t have to watch any of the games before I could say Aaron Ramsey was the player of the day. I was checking match scores on the internet via whilst at the birthday gig and when I saw he scored I didn’t know when I shouted world’s best has scored again. I couldn’t wait to get home to watch the highlights and if you didn’t see the goal please search for it, find it and watch it, you sure would thank me later. Ramsey is the best player in the world as we speak. Messi ko, Henry ni. Ramsey didn’t even start the game. Couple of seasons when I said he was a fantastic player Assnal fans would laugh, now they say he is baller. Awon elenu meji. Arsenal beat Norwich 4-1 to remain top of the log.
Samuel Eto’o finally scored for Chelsea and what a goal it was. This makes Eto’o the first Chelsea striker to score in the EPL this season, except Lukaku who is on loan at Everton, Hahahahahahaha. Eto’o had a good game and he was instrumental to Chelsea getting an equalizer before he scored to give them the lead. Chelsea beat Cardiff City 4-1 and are second on the log just ahead of Liverpool with better goals difference. Man Shitty is fourth and my beloved Man United is eighth, chai.
The champions league returns on Tuesday after a 3 week break. Remember one if these three teams; Manchester United, Juventus or Real Madrid would be crowned champions come May 2014.
Thanks for reading peeps and do have a wonderful week ahead filled with truck loads of BLESSINGS…………………….. PEACE !!!
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