Day 342 of 365: Titanic!!!


I know I have said countless times that I am not a big movie buff, bare with me. However, if I love a movie trust me you will pay. I won’t stop yapping about how it is the best thing since sliced bread or flat-screen TVs. I have seen Entourage (movie) up to 20 times and this is excluding the 8 straight Monday nights I went to catch it at the cinema. I have also seen my all-time favourite movie, A Low Down Dirty Shame countless times. They never seem to get old to me.

To date, it still amazes or shocks most of my friends that I have not seen the movie; Titanic. I mean for someone who saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Commando in 2002 what would you expect. A lot of people kept talking about Titanic like it was the best movie ever made, but none was able to convince me to watch it. They made poor attempts at selling it to me.

I had said I would never watch a Tom Cruise movie (yes Hollywood’s first son), but the way my big brother narrated A few good men and Jerry Maguire to me I didn’t have a choice but to watch them and I had no regrets. I saw Troy because of one detail, how Brad Pitt was killed in the movie. It was a friend who told me when he was gisting me about the movie.

If there is ever a time my instincts never fail is me listening to movie recommendations and always knowing which to settle for. Oh by the way you can’t spoil a movie for me. If you like narrate it from beginning to end.

So I have not seen Titanic before and I won’t see it, at least not in this lifetime.



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