Day 341 of 365: Blackout


I am a big fan of The Lox, they were associated with one of my all-time favourite rappers; DMX, GOD continually rest his soul. They are a good rap group and have been together for so many years. So for over a week now I have been seeing posts online about how Styles P (one of the members of The Lox) claimed to have had the best verse off the track Blackout. Blackout is a DMX song which featured The Lox and the god MC (Jay Z).

Now to be honest it was a good song but I always often listened to it because of DMX and Jay Z no disrespect to The Lox and their other fans. Since I saw that post I have listened to the song close to 10 times and no Styles P didn’t have the best verse. Jay Z and DMX also didn’t come close. Now we are left with Sheek Louch and Jadakiss from The Lox.

The best verse off Blackout was the first and it was delivered by Jadakiss.



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