Day 284 of 365: Halita


I watch this Nigerian series shot in the North, Abuja precisely. I casually tune in to watch it without paying much attention despite 2 of my colleagues raving about it like it was the best thing since flat-screen TVs. I went on a trip to Abuja last year for a wedding and I was housed by one of my favourite humans and his family; Damz Baba. During my stay, he played one episode of Yawa Skits and one of the characters in Halita popped up.

Sifon Okoi is Kalistus in Yawa Skits and Vicoco in Halita. After a few episodes of Yawa Skits (you should look it up by the way), I decided to watch Halita with a bit of concentration. Vicoco was my favourite character, I like how he parades himself as the Chief Transportation Officer of the Zamani family. Now Fortunate popularly called Unfortunate due to her clumsiness in the series is my favourite. She can be funny and weighs in with some subtle jabs. She is pretty too, yes I can tell.

I watch Halita and I am not ashamed.



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