Day 285 of 365: The Vegetarian


I met a lot of top guys during my NYSC year particularly during the 3 weeks orientation period in camp. The Room MH 48 boys were a vibe and a half. One evening, Ugly (this is what he always introduced himself as) went to get food and on getting back to the room he got a call from his guy Paul. Nnamdi was the only one in the room with Ugly at the time so Ugly handed his cooler filled with rice and loads of meat to Nnamdi asking him to help watch over it. No problem, Nnamdi said.

About an hour later Ugly returns and Nnamdi hands over the cooler, everything intact. Not a grain of rice was missing let alone a piece of meat. By this time the room was filled with the other lads around. After a brief conversation with Nnamdi, Ugly just went into a serious fit. Oh by the way Ugly is a muscular guy with a tiny voice. He was so pissed at Nnamdi and then some of us intervened to find out what the issue was.

Ugly said and I quote “I have never seen an African let alone a Nigerian claiming to be a VEGETARIAN”. I just burst out in laughter as in seriously this is why Ugly was upset, I asked. Ugly responded saying when he collected the cooler that he expected the guy to have eaten some of the food and a piece or two from the meat only for him to find out not even if a grain of the rice was missing.

To be honest we found it hard to believe the guy was a Vegetarian. We watched him over the next couple of weeks and found out he mostly ate bread and vegetables made specially for him. Sometimes he had rice and butter, bread and butter but no meat, chicken or even fish at any point in time. Just mainly vegetables which made me name him Cannabis afterwards.



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