Day 279 of 365: I took Fifi to School


Just before heading to the office last week Wednesday, I stopped by my brother’s place to say hi to the fam and on getting there my sis was taking my niece Fifi to school. Fifi said take me to school Uncle Dipo and it hurt me there and then that I could not because of time. I promised her it would happen soon. Kids are my weakness, her request haunted me till this morning.

I made sure I left home extra early this morning and thankfully I got to Fifi’s just when she was ready. I was glad. We had an interesting ride to her school. We conversed, we talked about her upcoming birthday to how she enjoyed the ride and how her dad drives fast on 3rd Mainland Bridge. Little did she know, lol. We got to her school and as she got out of the car she said Uncle Dipo let’s do this again. I told her we had a deal.

I felt a certain kind of joy.



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