Day 278 of 365: Happy Teacher’s Day


It still amazes me how kids these days are always happy to go to school. As in I was never was excited about going to school well except for one time when my brother came home from school (Boarding School).

He went straight to the kitchen and came out with a bowl of garri garnished with milk, milo, groundnut and sugar and also a bottle of cold water. I honestly couldn’t wait to head to Boarding School, not that I had a choice. Mumsy made it clear all her boys would be going to a Boarding School.

There is a saying in some corners that if you didn’t like a teacher you probably wouldn’t like the subject they taught. I kinda agree, till today I don’t think I have loved any teacher more than I have loved both my Social Studies teachers’ in Junior Secondary; Mr Ojo and Miss Osamoje (then). I loved the subject before they taught me, loved it more when they taught me and was sincerely hoping they would teach me Geography.

Miss Osamoje left before I got to Senior Secondary and Mr Ojo only taught my set Geography during Extra Lessons before he also left. Passing Geography was quite a chore despite loving the subject and I wouldn’t want to blame the teacher entirely. Shout out to my favourite teacher after those 2 left; Mrs. Abioye. She made me love Yoruba as subject and the strange thing is during our first encounter she punished me but afterwards she found out I was a good kid. I also loved English thanks to Mr. Mohammed especially the dictation, summary and comprehension bit.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all Teachers, thanks for all you have done, doing and yet to be done.



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