Day 168 of 365: He is my friend doesn’t mean you are his FRIEND


I know some people that we probably hung out 10 times or more but years down the line I cannot beat my chest and say they know me or can say we are friends. I am speaking from personal experience, I can be a forgettable guy in a matter of weeks especially with the feminine gender.

Remember being forgettable isn’t that you forget things but people forget you or forget about you. I hope my English is correct. Maybe I am not just important or just generally uninteresting. We MOVE!!!

So there are days I say I know someone but I am not sure if they remember me. I know a lot of people that when I see them I stare at them just so they know I think they are familiar. For example, I hear someone talk about someone I know and I say I know this person and the person says oh really. My response would be I am not sure if the person will remember me or know me.

So he is my friend doesn’t necessarily mean you are his friend.



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