Day 167 of 365: June 16, 2005


16th of June, 2005 has to be one of the scariest days ever for me. It was a day where there was this clash between students of my alma mater, Olabisi Onabanjo University(Ago Iwoye, Ogun State) and a vigilante group. The death of a student led to the clash, you can read my 2 part account via and to have a picture of what happened.

I was with some of my friends when we heard noises, then we rushed out to see what was going on and saw some students moving en masse towards the King’s palace. My friends were like Dipo let’s join them and without mincing words I said I was my mum’s last born and I wouldn’t want to risk going. They laughed. A few of them still went ahead though, I decided to head back to my hall. As I walked back to my hall I heard won ti fi ogun gba (he’s been hit with a charm), I doubled my pace back to my hall and glad my people too were indoors. Again if you want to know more you can click the links above.

I am thankful for life as myself, family, hallmates and friends escaped unscathed. A lot of dastardly things happened on this day, girls were raped and students badly injured.



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