Day 153 of 365: NYSC Weekends with Skuki


Mondays were my best days during NYSC but we all always looked forward to a relaxing weekend. Skuki is my big cousin (I am taller than him though) and he can lay claim to being a part of my life. During my NYSC days, I always rode to work with him and we are practically together most weekends. We also have a few mutual friends.

So after work on Fridays, we usually head home straight except for the occasional club or hang out with friends’ nights. If we were going home on a Friday night, we usually stopped at one of two places or even both places to buy stuff that can keep us home all weekend without anybody knowing. So we either stopped at Indian Bazaar or Edichart to buy drinks and stuff to munch on, the drinks in particular. I preferred Edichart anyway because they sold this raw popcorn you can throw in the microwave for a few minutes and they came in different flavours. Skuki is a big movie buff I must tell you while I will rather watch football. We occasionally binge-watch series one of which was Alias. I got tired of it at some point but Skuki saw the end of it.

I miss those days and now Skuki has japaed to Canada.



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