Day 154 of 365: I saw 2 and a half men thanks to Sean


I have always been a big fan of Charlie Sheen growing up. Some of my favourite movies of his were Navy Seals, Wolf of Wall Street (there was later a remake that had Leonardo Di Caprio in it), Men at Work where he co-starred with his half brother Emilio Estevez, Terminal Velocity and Three Musketeers.

So one Sunday afternoon, I was just chilling in a room that I shared with my cousin Labimbi. The DSTV in the living room downstairs was connected to all Television sets in the house. I had put a reminder on the football channel I wanted to catch some games on so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs to change channels.

I snoozed for a bit and when I woke up I found out someone was watching a sitcom. I was already boiling inside of me but decided to go downstairs to find out who changed channels. It was Sean, he laid on one of the seats in the living room focused on the television but the moment I looked at the screen I saw Charlie Sheen. I was shocked, I mean yeah he had funny lines here and there but I never pictured him in a comedy series.

Remember I was boiling? I eventually saw episode after episode (about 4 episodes) after all it was Arsenal that was playing at the time so it didn’t matter much. I eventually had to beg Sean to let me watch Manchester United play.

So thanks to Sean for making me a fan of 2 and a half men. I have seen seasons 1-8 about 4 times already. I honestly didn’t watch it past season 8 because Charlie’s character was killed off on the show after that season. I mean what’s 2 and a half men without Charlie Sheen? His chemistry with Jon Cryer who was Alan his brother on the programme was top notch.

I still get to watch it once in a while on Amazon Prime and it still ranks in my top 5 TV series ever.



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