Day 114 of 365: And then there was OKRO!!!


It was a good day overall if you asked me. I knew it would be a good from how yesterday ended for me. So I stopped by at my cousin’s place who’s birthday it was yesterday to have food and drinks. I was greeted with hugs and joyful noises by my fans (her daughters and nieces).I hi-fived the birthday girl and asked for food. No time.

As I was devouring my rice with chicken and goat meat, my phone buzzed and it was a message from one of the big brothers. Apparently his wife had read my eba and okro post of few days before. The content of the message was you have been invited for lunch tomorrow (today) with Eba and Okro on the menu. I shouted correct with people checking to see if I was okay. Na dem sabi.

I responded that I would come over after my Radio Program in the evening. Oh by the way I have a Sports Program which airs live on Unilag 103.1FM every Saturday between 5.15pm and 6pm.

After my program I went straight to my brother’s place. My sister in law and my niece decided to flip the script. They said Eba was supposed to be for lunch and since it was evening already we should have something light. They ordered Pizza and Shawarma, the plan was to take it away but my niece was having none of that. She said we were all eating together and we would be watching the Steve Harvey hosted Family Feud.

Now I have a show (Family Feud) to always look forward to and also learnt what Soufflé meant from my 8 year old niece. The highlight of my day had to be the bowl of Okro I parted with.



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