Day 115 of 365: Twice Lucky?


I always hear ladies can be mean behind the wheels. They won’t agree if you tried shunting ahead of them despite pleading or when you slightly hit their car let alone causing a big scratch, then you are in for it.

I have been privileged to 2 hit 2 ladies’ cars from behind. Lol. The first one happened in Lekki, I was heading home to Ajah from work that day with a colleague. There was traffic after the Lekki Toll Gate and I got carried away with the conversation I was having with the colleague. I briefly took my leg off the brake and hit the Toyota Camry ahead of me. It wasn’t a big bang and I got down immediately to apologise. I got to the driver’s side and proceeded to apologise and lady just shrugged it off. Looking at her she had bigger things on her mind. I said thank you and she just smiled. My colleague was shocked I was let go that easy.

The second one happened around Yaba. I was rushing down to Unilag FM for my Sports Program. I was running late as I had less than 5 minutes to get to the studio. The Toyota Matrix ahead of me just stopped all of a sudden and I ran into it. The lady immediately came down and just after looking at her car for damages, she turned to look at me and gave me thumbs up smiling. Had to be my lucky day, because unlike the first incident this one needed to visit a panelbeater.

I have been lucky twice I guess, hopefully I won’t face less friendly ladies in the nearest future. Lol.



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