Day 110 of 365: Scrabble, The Best Board Game


Growing up I used to enjoy playing combat games and soccer games with my brothers and cousins on consoles. I wasn’t so big on adventure games so I wasn’t really a fan of the Mario series at first. This was prior to introduction of Super Nintendo aka Super Nes or SNes. I later became a fan of Super Mario World and the other Mario games, I also loved Home Alone, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Post Secondary School I hardly played video games<span;> and only played occasionally but never went out of my way. I was more interested in board games. My cousin Spikey introduced me to Chess but I got tired because it involved some sort of strategy like one was going to be war. I mean it’s a game its supposed to be fun, ogun ko laiye (this life isn’t war). I still play once in a while and I have it downloaded on my phone.

Monopoly was one I could count the amount of times I played with my fingers, there was a time I played with my cousins and it took us about 2 days. Too serious for me. Draught clearly isn’t my thing because I lose guard easily. I doubt if I ever won a game.

My all time favourite board game has to be Scrabble. Scrabble was and still is fun. I learnt how to play from my aunt. She schooled me and made me a big fan. I played Scrabble a lot when I was in the University. I think it can be a balanced game though experience may count in some cases as there are some people that have never beaten me before despite playing over 20 games each with them.

I have beaten almost everybody I played against except my immediate elder brother. I just never thought he was one to be interested in the game as I had never seen him play it before let alone talk about it. We played one night and he won the first game with over a 100 points margin. I thought it was a fluke and I asked we played again. He won again by almost the same margin, I didn’t finish the 3rd game as it was always going to end one way.

I was annihilated by my brother because nobody had ever beaten me that mercilessly in the over 3000 Scrabble games I must have played. I have played other variants of Scrabble but they are online games which I don’t rate because there’s time to cheat or what have you.

Scrabble has to be the best Board Game ever made.



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