11/04/2015 and 12/04/2015


Lent ended for me on the 4th of April, 2015, so Fish Friday returned 10th April, 2015 (not that there was any break of some sort). SO the Great Guy came through as always. After a few drinks and fish, going home was clearly next on the agenda despite the night being young. There was election the next day so we needed to be home early. Got home few minutes past 9 and I didn’t know when I snoozed, I always snooze off in the middle of a BB Chat or a Whatspp convo. So sorry guys, it’s not my fault but my bed seem to be too comfy that i just sleep off when my body touches it.
I got out of bed 7.05am on Saturday to brush and dress up then hook up with my colleague BK so we could go for accreditation in respect of the day’s election. We got there and in less than 10 minutes accreditation was done, well myself and BK were done.  And I didn’t have issues this time around. My accreditation was done one time as the card reader decided to give itself brain when it got to my turn (lol). We were asked to come back at 1.30pm for voting proper. I went home to rest and have breakfast while at it (grilled guinea fowl with garri Ijebu).
While resting I was chatting with my Igbo friend who was trying to school me on who to vote for. I went back to the polling booth so I could get the voting over and done with and head home to watch the football games lined up for the day. Voted and on my way home I met a friend. We chatted for a bit then said our good byes. The games not all of them were boring except the Real Madrid (5th best team ever) versus Eibar game and the Tottenham versus Aston Villa (2nd best team ever) game. Yes the Parma versus Juventus game was boring because Juventus (4th best team ever) lost.
I was watching the Formula 1 but decided to abandon it for church after confirming there was vehicular movement. Right move right? I know so too. GOD forgive me I abandoned it because I knew my man Lewis Hamilton was going to win. During Praise and Worship I was prompted by the ESPN app on my phone confirming Hamilton’s victory.
The biggest game in Manchester, the biggest game in Europe and the biggest game in the world was played on this day. I was confident of  a Manchester United victory not because Man Utd was in a rich vein of form prior to the game but because Arsenal had won the day before day and I think playing after Arsenal in the past few games (4 games in a row) have put that positive pressure on my beloved Man Utd.
After service I went to see my brother and his family before stopping by at TA’s place. Now stopping over at TA’s place was tactical and if you read my post on my football superstitions you will understand why. Let me do the honours of briefing first timers. My beloved Man Utd team always (most of the time) lose whenever I have a issues with my female friends and during the course of the week TA was upset with me or should I say I was mad at her so I had to ensure we were cool. This was exactly an hour to the game. Got that out of the way and headed to SO’s to catch the game with confidence. We had some bubbly and Domino’s pizza to go. EA (an Arsenal fan but rooting for Man Utd and I am sure you know why) and SJB joined myself and SO in catching the game, so the match was on point. Thanks to Mrs SO for the hospitality, GOD Bless you hon.
The game was won 4-2 by Manchester United and it was the best 3points I have seen my team take in a long while. We and I say we because I am die-hard Man Utd fan (live with it) played awesome football. 3 players stood out for me on this day and they were Ashley Young, David DeGea and my man of the match by miles Maroune Fellaini.
How was my weekend? You still want to know? It was GRAND. I voted, I saw family and friends and Manchester United won the Mancunian Derby.
Thanks for your time people and do have a wonderful week but don’t forget to share and drop comments. Stay Blessed.
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