Walk Away


MA used to hear that people had liver but LO’s liver was on another level. As in some cunning stuff, Mickey Stone and his gang in Hustle (A UK Series) has got nothing on LO. MA had heard of the phrase ‘Walk Away’ but that was on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. MA always heard LO say I want to go and Walk Away whenever food matters arose but never bothered to find out what he meant.

Let’s go and grab something to eat  LO said to MA. MA responded saying he was broke and he would just chill for Cousin T to get back from class and make lunch. LO was persistent so MA decided to go with him. The Amala Joint was just across the hall we lived (it never was but we always called it across). They got to the Joint and they placed their orders. After eating MA was expecting LO to pay so they could take their leave. LO told MA to go ahead that he would sort the bill. MA made for the exit and one of the staff of the Joint approached him asking for money, he just pointed in LO’s direction and said LO would pay. They let him go and LO stayed back making use of the toothpick in a relax mode.

15 minutes later LO joined MA in the hall and MA asked why he took so long before returning to the hall saying abi o lo fi cigar step down (did you go for a smoke)? LO smiled and said he used his famous Life Line at the Joint which was Walk Away. MA probed further asking what LO meant and LO responded saying he didn’t pay for the food. MA was livid and walked out of the room. MA returned to the room moments later to grab his phone. LO started looking for his phone asking MA if he saw it with MA giving a resounding NO.

It was at this moment LO knew he MESSED UP, he figured he forgot the phone at the Amala Joint. He went there to search for the phone. He wasn’t even scared they could spot him for not paying for his meal. The dude was brave though. He didn’t find the phone and he came back to the hall to tell MA and his other hall mates his phone had been stolen. He didn’t know MA had relayed what happened earlier to them. Immediately he announced his phone had been stolen they all bursted out in laughter saying hope he had learn’t his lesson and how a b**ch karma was.

Did LO put a stop this Walk Away Lifeline? No he didn’t, as a matter of fact he intensified his efforts on the Walk Away Lifeline till he graduated. LO helluva guy.
Do not try this anywhere, you could get lynched or burnt alive (lol).
Thanks for your time and I hope you had a wonderful Easter? Enjoy the rest of the week. Bless y’all.

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