The Sequel: My Football Superstition…………………..


I am beginning to feel I bore you guys with my posts. No comments or criticism whatsoever. It’s kinda discouraging me *sad face*. Or is it because they are majorly football stories or is my writing bad? I am starting to assume so, but I can’t write about what I don’t have an idea about except you strictly want me to say whatever I feel. You don’t expect someone like me to write about love, hahahahahahahaha (it’s a beautiful thing though). Let’s try this, come up with a topic of your choice and I will see if I can write about it.
Back to today’s gist, you will remember I said something about being superstitious whenever the Eagles wore white jerseys as opposed to the traditional green in my last post. Well I feel the same way too with Manchester United. My heart skips a beat whenever the Red Devils turn out in any other colour asides red. Though there are some teams we beat any time any day whether we wear blue, black or green (Arsenal when did we last lose to you guys? Once you can pluralize the amount of years or seasons then it’s really been a while). Ironically all three league games and if my memory doesn’t fail me all other games United have lost this season were lost in the famous red shirt. I also get superstitious whenever the Red Devils are in a rich vein of form. It’s not just our thing to go unbeaten for a long time. The last time Man Utd lost a game in the league was November 17, 2012 against Norwich (we wore red). That’s a long time so a bit of fear creeps in before every other game no matter who the opposition would be. The next teams United would be facing are Everton, Madrid (home and away in the Champions league) and QPR. My predictions? WE SHALL OVERCOME ALL.
I have missed just one Manchester United game this season in all competitions. It was the Wigan game on the 15th of September, 2012. I missed the game because I was on the road and I had not purchased my Walka 7 then. Here’s a brief statistics of how I have viewed our games this season thus far. I now dread to watch United games in the living room. We have lost all 6 games I viewed there and they are; Everton, Spurs, Norwich (league) Chelsea in the Capital One cup and Galatasaray and FC Cluj (Champions league). My Walka was purchased the day before 7 goal thriller against Reading at Madjeski stadium. United won that game 4-3. I have however not lost a game seen with my Walka 7, yea your guess is as good as mine I will surely watch all our games on the Walka 7 and if they don’t show it I won’t watch (Is that really possible? No way, I wouldn’t risk watching it in the living room though).
I have worn my jersey on game day 4 times this season and 3 of them days ended in victory for the Red Devils and the other one ended in a draw. We beat Stoke City, Westbrom and Liverpool. The draw was against Westham in the FA cup. Not bad eh? Maybe the shirt wearing on game day jinx is broken? I hope so. I don’t think I ever mentioned this. My big bro, we call him Dozman has been to Old Trafford a record 12 times (yea a record in my family) and we have not lost not to talk of drawing a game the 12 times he has been there. 12 victories? Madrid fans be afraid, be very afraid and of course Shitty and Chelsea fans too.
Lest I forget, may the souls if the Great Mancunians lost in the Munich 1958 air crash continually rest in peace.
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