That Bottle Of Vodka


It was the 7th of November 2011, O’Larry’s birthday precisely. After speaking with the celebrant to wish him a happy birthday and praying for him he invited me over for his birthday gig at the world famous Elegushi beach. I agreed to go and got dressed in my old faithful (my most priced Man Utd jersey at the time), a pair of shorts, yea I know I love flaunting those long sexy legs and a pair of Adidas slippers. I am never late for events and when he mentioned that I be there at 3pm I decided I would leave home at 3.30pm (yea I left 30mins later than I was to get there). I know my friends well, African timers extraordinaire ni won. On my way I bought me a bottle of vodka should in case I get there before the others I could start a little party on my own.

I got to Elegushi at 4pm and I was still the 1st person to get there (not the 1st to get to the beach o) though the celebrant and others started arriving about 10mins later, so you see my strategy worked. On seeing the truck loads if drinks the dude shipped in from Shoprite I quickly dumped my vodka in the car. As we were icing the drinks the fear of the LORD gripped me. There were all sorts of drinks; Baileys, all shades of champagne, vodka of different nations, Hennesy (VS and VSOP), light drinks et al but sadly the best drink in the world then (Jack Daniels) wasn’t available. Yea I stated then because I am alcohol celibate remember. We had loads to eat too.

Now like I said the fear if the LORD gripped me when I saw the drinks, but really what brought that fear was the drinks were so much it would go round if we had 3 bottles of whatever we felt like having and we would still have enough to throw a little party the next day. Now I couldn’t take champagne because I hated it, I couldn’t take Henessy because I had won a wager 2 days earlier. A cousin said I couldn’t finish a bottle of Hennesy all by myself, well I did and it was no biggie for me. So I settled for Absolut vodka (raspberry flavour). I shouldn’t have really. I took the drink so hard and silly me thought it was another drinking competition. I should have just taken what I could and left the rest for the devil. Abi?

Yea did I mention I went with a friend? Anyway I did, I also wore frames too (lol) and remember the bottle of vodka I went with? Glad you did. So my friend drops me off at home. I got into the house high as a kite. Who wouldn’t be high after a bottle of Absolut vodka. I headed straight to my bed and in no time I was asleep.
I woke up at about 4am and tried to replay the events of the previous day. I was trying to recollect how I got home because the last I remembered was me dancing with one babe like that (yea I no sabi dance). All of a sudden I remembered I had a bottle of Vodka and I started searching for it, I didn’t find it but I found my frames neatly tucked in its case. I was trying to figure out where I put the bottle of vodka but no luck.

To cut the story short, I am still searching FOR THAT BOTTLE OF VODKA till date.
This is a crappy post yea? Well I wrote it because I didn’t have my key to get into the house. So the 30 minutes I spent waiting for my bro I decided to entertain/bore you guys (you choose, lol).

Thanks for your time. I hope you are having a nice week? Stay Blessed.
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