Day 63 of 365: Chinco Guy 

travel, comfort and people concept - man sleeping in plane with inflatable cervical neck pillow over porthole background
After a long day shuttling between two States of the Federation all I kept telling myself was I would eat just before I boarded the plane back to Lagos and when I am aboard the aircraft I will sleep till we got to Lagos.
Plan 1 was a success, I ate and boarded about 30 minutes later. Plan two was in motion as I slept off just before the plane took flight. All was well I guess, until the Chinese dude seated by my left who had fallen asleep immediately he found his sit prior to take off tapped my leg to wake up. He was trying to get my attention so I could listen to the announcement with regard to landing.
No shaking, immediately after the announcement I looked to my left and the Chinco guy had slept off again. We were in the air for close to 20 minutes after the announcement and I was pained because once I wake up from sleep like that it’s hard to go back. The Chinese guy went back to sleep easy peasy. I felt like poking his nose.
Anyway we thank GOD for journey mercies.


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