Day 61 of 365: Jazz, a MYTH?


Growing up I never believed there was a thing called jazz or juju as some would say. I mean how would someone pick an object to hit someone and the person starts acting funny and dies or rain incantations to harm someone.

It didn’t just make sense to me, I remember one time, I think I was in Secondary School some guy brought out a ring from his pocket and threatened to hit another guy. The guy to be hit took off and the jazz man just walked away. If his jazz was real I would have expected he’d make an attempt to chase him even if it was for the fun of it.

Fast forward to University days and there was some sort of crisis in the school involving students and indigenes. Till that moment I still didn’t believe there was anything like jazz until I heard someone shout won ti fi ogun gba (he has been hit with a charm) <span;>and as I was trying to hurry back to my hall, the charmed guy was being pushed down to the Health Center (but seriously could they have healed him?) in a wheelbarrow and he was swelling (first time I would witness such). I felt really sorry for him and I could hear him mumble a few words, telling the dude pushing the barrow to move faster. He later died as I heard (May the good LORD rest his soul).

June, 2005 made me believe the existence of charms.

Do you believe in the existence of JAZZ???



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