Day 46 of 365: Liverpool’s Best 10 Ever Players


I am shocked that I was able to get a list of 10 players I enjoyed ever watching from my beloved Manchester United’s perennial rivals, Liverpool. No doubt the Kops have had great players grace their Anfield home in the past.

I hate them, but I am glad they are around as they are the kind of motivation Manchester United need being the only other very successful side in England.

The 10 players I would regard as Liverpool’s greatest ever (players I watched even as little as 20 games) are as follows:

1. Steven Gerrard (English)

2. Fernando Torres (Spanish)

3. Michael Owen (English)

4. Luis Suarez (Uruguayan)

5. Robbie Fowler (English)

6. Xabi Alonso (Spanish)

7. John Barnes (English)

8. Dietmar Hamann (German)

9. Jamie Carragher (English)

10. Sami Hyypia (Finnish)

This was tougher than my least favourite chore. I didn’t realise how much I disliked this team till today. Well the first rule of being a Manchester United fan is you must hate Liverpool.

Till tomorrow. CHEERS!!!


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