Day 313 of 365: I long for that MOMENT!!!


The first time I got on a train was in Primary 2 and I honestly cannot remember where we went to but it was an excursion for all Primary 2 pupils. It seemed like fun anyway. I however didn’t get on a train till the 10th of August, 2011. It was a trip from North London back to Aberdeen where I was doing my Masters in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.

I was in North London visiting Big Yomz and his family after having fun with one of my cousins and friends in Birmingham where I went for a wedding days before. On the 8th I got a call from my brother that mum had died. So I headed back to Aberdeen on a train via Kings Cross Station (I honestly can’t remember now) on the 10th. It wasnt a particularly great journey as I had to reflect on the times spent with my mum and how to pen down a tribute.

I became a regular train hopper for about 4 months in the UK between September 2017 and December 2017. It was a convenient way to commute. Since the reintroduction of railway services in Nigeria I have not had the opportunity to get on a train. I long for that MOMENT.



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