Day 297 of 365: The Swizz Championship


I have started learning to give myself a little pat on the back for achievements no matter how little. Learning is the operative word. I am also learning to channel my thoughts to reality (if this makes sense).

I was having a conversation with my guy Lanre Large and the thought of a podcast came which eventually birthed the Movies, Music and Sports podcast. He said go for it and even though I wasn’t really game I did and I enjoyed it. Hopefully, I will come up with more episodes in the coming weeks, GOD willing.

Also weeks ago I joked with my guy where I played football occasionally on weekends about setting up a football tournament and boom he took it seriously. Now we have a tourney which is at the semifinal stage. The Swizz Championship is an 8 team tournament which kicked off yesterday October 23, 2021, and will climax on the 31st of October. It has been fun so far and hope it will be more interesting when we wrap up. Shout out to Wema Bank and SO.



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