Day 264 of 365: If Diddy battled Jay D


There’s a huge possibility Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs will be going up against Jermaine ‘JD’ Dupri in a verzuz battle. I honestly didn’t expect anything less than Diddy winning when I first heard both producers cum artists had a go at each with JD instigating it.

I have thought about it and I am a bit worried for Diddy, yeah he has more discographies than JD but who produced bigger hits? I mean if we are to look at the numbers will Diddy trump JD when records sold by them or artists they have worked with are to be considered.

I think it will be close but Diddy should nick it by whiskers. Remember he worked with the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, Mary J. Blige, 112, Usher The LOX, Lil Kim, Rick Ross, Mario Winans, Faith Evans and Ma$e and he also released 4 albums (No Way Out, The Saga Continues, Forever and Press Play) while JD can boast of only 1 (Life 1472). JD was also associated with acts like Usher, Bow Wow, Jagged Edge, Kriss Kross, Xscape, Mariah Carey and Da Brat.

Team Diddy for me.




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