Day 220 of 365: 10 Years after, still miss you MUM!!!


Exactly 10 years ago you left me, your other boys and girls to join your hubby in the world beyond. It felt unreal when Babs called to tell me but when I faced reality, I cried my eyes out. I always thought you’d be here forever, I definitely thought wrong. The last time I saw your lovely smile was the 5th of January, 2010 when you were heading to the U.S after your surprise visit to Aberdeen to see your baby boy (me) on his birthday.

It’s been hard but I am thankful for the brothers you blessed me with, their wives, your family and not forgetting your friends. They have been great, whipping your baby boy in line even when they are distant. Hey mum, it’s been hard moving on without you around but I guess I don’t have a choice and I am sure you are always there watching over me along with your hubby. I always joked with my friends that no harm can come near me all day especially between the hours of 6 am and 4 am every day as you ensure you keep watch over me.

A big thank you for everything Omowunmi JugoldLo, love and miss you a great deal.



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