Day 215 of 365: When UK’s Internet was SLOW!!!


I went for my Master’s Degree in 2010, Aberdeen Scotland precisely. The culture change didn’t shake me much even though I hated travelling (still not a big fan). My brother and his wife were based there and had cousins there too with the occasional visit from my aunt but still missed Nigeria like crazy then.

Classes were always something to look forward to, it was always interactive especially the Courses; Managing People and Finance for Managers. As in it is weird for me to like a Finance course, but this was easy thanks to the lecturer in charge. It was first name basis with the tutors except for the Nigerian who taught us Principles of Law. She always asked we called her Dr blah blah blah. Always wondered what those oyinbo peeps thought of her.

So one day, a friend of a friend came visiting from the United States. It was a Saturday. My friend and I had a Coursework to turn in on Monday so we had to get to the library to wrap it up. This other friend decided to go with us and we obliged him. We got there and it was a challenge to get him into the library as he didn’t have an Identity Card. We went back to my friend’s place to work strictly with online journals to wrap up the Coursework.

Then this happened. The guy asked to use my laptop for a few minutes and immediately he entered the website he wanted to visit, he said and I quote “gosh, UK Internet is too slow”. I didnt know when I bursted into a bout of laughter with the famous Genevive Nnaji line from the movie Ije ” come to Lagos, wa ri ran wo (come to Lagos, you will know better)” ringing in my head.

If the internet in the UK was slow then how would he have felt if he was in, never mind.



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