Day 183 of 365: Sleepover at Fifi’s


t’s Friday, yay. I disappointed my niece last week Friday by promising her I would be available for a sleepover. I didn’t make it and told her I would be coming next week which was today. Yes, I made up for it today. I had stopped by yesterday to pick up stuff from her dad and her reaction on seeing me was that today doesn’t count and I must still come tomorrow. I assured her I wasn’t going to renege on our agreement.

At about 7 pm this evening she video called me to confirm if I was still coming and I said yes though I wasn’t sure if she’d still be up by the time I got there. She said she wasn’t sleeping early as there is no school tomorrow. I said okay and I said she should cook for me. Shes 9.

Anyway, I kept my promise by stopping by and spending the night. By the way, Fifi makes amazing noodles and yes she made it herself.



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