Day 108 of 365: Reaction to Mum’s DEATH!!!


I had just wrapped up my second semester of my Masters programme and a few days later I got a call from one of my brothers asking when my return ticket to Nigeria was expiring. I was in Aberdeen, Scotland. I gave him the details, but I sensed something was amiss.

I decided to go cool off with my friends in Birmingham before work started on my dissertation. It was a wedding we were in Birmingham for so I decided to stay with my cousin who worked and lived there. I had fun in Birmingham to be honest and thank GOD I didn’t run my program there, I probably wouldn’t have been serious. The wedding was super cool too, I also met someone who nearly ruined my relationship with my then girlfriend. Story for another day.

The day before I was to live Birmingham one of my favourite person’s in the world buzzed me that he was in North London with his family and I could stop by, he even offered to buy me a ticket. Told him I was in the Midlands and I would definitely stop over for a few days. I mean it’s Big Yomz for crying out loud, my love for Manchester United would never have been complete without him.

Got to North London and as I was walking in Big Yomz was on the phone talking to someone in respect of getting tickets for the Community Shield tie between Manchester United and Manchester City against the next day. He got off the phone and he told me the tickets cost £150 pounds each. I bursted out in laughter and he was wondering why. I said bros let’s buy Jack Daniels and Coke, we will watch it on this over 50 inch screen jare. His response was, CORRECT. Manchester United won the game 3:2 and I think Nani was  named man of the match.

The next morning I got a call from my brother, Bablo. He said we lost her, he asked that I stayed strong and asked where I was. I was like lost who, he said MUM. I was quiet all through till he cut the call. My cousin asked what happened and I told him. I think he called my brother back. I was just quiet and looking at space when Big Yomz said Dipso, let it out.

I cried, I cried so much that the tears could have filled 2 buckets. It was the most painful thing to have hit me, a part of me was gone FOREVER. Calls and messages were flying in left, right and center, I couldn’t keep up anymore.

I left North London for Aberdeen the next day to prepare for my journey back to Nigeria for the funeral rites. I got a message from my sis in law to write my tribute whilst on the train. The tears started flowing again, she was gone for real.

August 8, 2021 will make it 10 years you left us Omowunmi Jugoldlo. MISS YOU.



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