Day 103 of 365: My Cinema Preference


Day 103 of 365:

Another weird thing about me is that I will rather pick a Nigerian movie to watch in the cinema over a foreign one. Take a piss at me but it is what suits me basically and I will give you my reasons.

Remember I am not a big movie buff but I have realised foreign movies are easily accessible as in I don’t have to stress much before I get them and they are usually not far off from the release date. For Nigerian movies, it can take years before you get them if you don’t go to the cinema when they are released and during the times they are shown at the cinema.

Imagine a few friends were asking me if I had seen GOD Calling, I was lost at first and said no until they mentioned the 3rd Mainland Bridge scene and I was like dude I saw this flick in 2018, the week of its release. To be honest I saw it because of Zainab Balogun, her low cut is something I admire.

The absolutely gorgeous Zainab Balogun

Sadly I missed out on Tunde Leye’s “Finding Hubby”. What pained me more was I read the series on his blog and I thought it would make a good movie too. I probably won’t get to see it till 2023.

Anyway that’s my take, I will always choose to watch a Nigerian film, one I am interested in to be precise ahead of a foreign one at the cinemas.



  1. My take too, Nigerian movies take forever to make it to online platforms but that’s not the case for foreign movies.


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