It’s been a while I ranted about the best football/soccer team in the whole world. I think it’s mainly due to the way the lads have been playing for the past couple of months or better put since the loss to Real Madrid. OSHMANOh you still don’t know what team it is? Manchester United of course or is there a better team? This team has been tagged champions elect as they inch closer to their 20th league title and Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs’ 13th. They are only 6 points away from winning the title no thanks to the draw at Westham’s Upton Park. Manchester United still have a chance to win the league sooner rather than later though if Spurs beat City on Sunday and they get the maximum points against Aston Villa on Monday night.This would mean Man Utd would get a guard of honour from Arsenal because the Red Devils face them on the 28th of April which is after the Villa game. I am very sure the Gunners would cheer for City against Spurs not only to avoid the guard of honour but dent Spurs’ chances of making the top four.
I have had countless arguments with fans of other teams about the poor performance of Man Utd and I made it clear all the time that I would pick a poor performance with a good result over a sterling performance with no victory. This game is about winning or isn’t it? Yea the lads haven’t been the best in terms of beautiful football and they have struggled to win games. These same boys have beaten all the so called big boys in the EPL (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool (home and away) and Shitty) well except for Totenham Hotspurs who beat the Red Devils at Old Trafford sometimes last year. It hurt to see our treble hopes reduced to single but at all at all na hin bad jare. I wont mention names but we are better off than some peeps. I really hope Sir Alex invests in more top quality players in the summer and sincerely pray he doesn’t let Chicharito go. I love that dude.
Enemies this EPL title is United’s for the taking and there’s nothing y’all can do about it.
Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend……………………………………………….. Cheers
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