Mondays were the best days


I have been thinking about putting this post up for a while but I didn’t get any inspiration to do so. But thanks to my man Laze and Mr. Jack (Jack Daniels) the ginger finally came.

All my life Mondays and Thursdays had been my least favourite days until my service year (NYSC) when my CDS (Community Development Service) day was made Monday by one lady at the Eti-Osa I Local Government. I didn’t like that I was given Monday and I was put in the Charity group for that matter. Who does CDS on Mondays? Well I found out people did and I was going to be part of them. It felt lonely at first because the faces I saw were faces I didn’t either talk to in camp or those that were in the batches before mine. I went for my registration and after filling some forms I was asked to go and open a bank account with the then FinBank now FCMB (will never forgive those guys) and when I got to the bank I saw a fellow corper, cute girl no doubt and she was also opening an account. After we were done I offered to take her back to the Local Government(LG). She agreed but said she had to use the ladies first. I said no problem and that I would be waiting for her outside. I thought she was going to pee not knowing she was going to do the major (you know this). She came out and apologized for staying too long.

That was how I met FatChild (FC), very cute chubby babe. Now I wasn’t alone I had a friend at the Local Government whenever it was time for CDS. The following Monday came and I was looking forward to chatting with my new buddie and on getting to the LG I saw two of my pals who were also room mates from camp; MP and Chuks and Big Wolz (BW) and GW whom were also friends from camp. It couldn’t any get better. I introduced them to Fatchild though I must confess I completely forgot about FC until she nudged me at the waist saying won’t I introduce them. Now we were 6 friends that would be rocking Mondays together at the LG. When the other guys finished registration they came to join myself and FC outside the LG office. I was however left out because MP, Chuks, GW, BW and FC all had two things in common; the love for movies and novels and they could talk and talk about these things all day. I wasn’t a big fan though I watch movies and read novels when there wasn’t football to watch or no place to hang out. I always disrupted their convos with gists of football that happened over the weekend or I could just come up with something but this always upset FC. We were the 1st stream of batch B in that service year.

Along came the 2nd stream of batch B and my man Laze who happened to be close friends with MP and Chuks from Unilag was introduced to us. When Laze was done with registration he approached Chuks and asked why every where was dry and that he needed booze, the words “correct guy” just dropped from my mouth (thank GOD for my life now). We crossed to the other side of the LG and entered a mart that sold booze of all sorts and we settled for beers though MP and FC had soft drinks. We all gisted for a while then signed our CD cards and left for our various homes. It was obvious we couldn’t wait for the next Monday.

To be continued
Thanks for reading…………………………………………………………………………………………………. CHEERS!!!
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