Marriage: Not For Everybody


I am so sure  immediately you saw the title of this post you were already saying things like GOD forbid I will get married, lailai my marriage or relationship will not crash and more but trust me one needs to be careful and put in serious effort to make things work.

I think Marriage is the most popular gist in town these days with the way people get married every Saturday. Be rest assured that even on the so called election days some weddings have been scheduled. Most of the people I know or meet these days are either dating, taken, close to be taken, engaged or married and what have you. Now sadly I have started knowing people that are getting divorced, separated or cancelling weddings. What a world we live in. Back in high school I had a friend who’s general thought about dating was that it would always end and that he never believed in long term relationships per se. I never agreed and really what did we know back then but  like the elders will say in yoruba parlance ‘ki ni omode mo’ (what do kids know)?

I am no Misogamist (someone who has got hatred for marriage)or Misogynist (someone who hates or is prejudiced against females). I am a Philogynist (someone who loves females) but not a womanizer (just had to clear the air before you think I am gay, lol). I think marriage is a different ball game which requires patience from both parties. I have come to realize that marriages or relationships lose spark when both couple have known each other well  enough (I am not saying you shouldn’t get to know your partner well o).

It’s that time you see the wife/girlfriend/fiancee going round the house in only wrapper or the hubby/boyfriend/fiance in just boxers shorts. They stop doing fun things together, all those sweet nonsense being said to each other hits an abrupt end, Public Display of Affection stops. Then the female goes I think I am not attractive to him anymore, I think he’s seeing someone else etc, meanwhile the guy is like oops I just hit a bump. I don’t really know what the guy thinks, lol but for the sake of balancing things the guy could be like she talks to much (something he really liked when he first met her), she’s rude blah blah blah. NONSENSE

Case of the Ex: People say it’s wrong to compare their partners or spouses with their exes. Yes I agree but is it possible? Can you really say there was nothing sweet about your Ex? You hear couples say things like don’t compare me with so, so and so person but trust me it’s never easy. You might not compare you present spouse with your Ex verbally but in your mind you will because the sweet things the ex did will always haunt you if the new guy doesn’t do the same thing. On the flip side what does Dipo know?

Whats the point of this post? Well in as much as marriage is a beautiful thing, I think it’s not for all of us. I sincerely hope and pray to get married pretty soon but I need to be fully ready or should I say prepared because being prepared sounds more purposeful than being ready. You can be ready and not be prepared for it. To all those that aspire to be wives and husbands all the best, may we find that happiness we truly desire. I heard this beautiful quote in one of the interviews which the guys in the Movie Think Like a Man granted, “Falling in Love is easy but staying in Love is what matters”. For me this is the deepest love quote ever. Does that make any sense? I am not saying you shouldn’t fall in love with someone but if you have doubts take time out to think, watch and prepare.

Thanks for your time people and I am so sorry for the long hiatus. Do have a wonderful weekend filled with Blessings from the ALMIGHTY.

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  1. Couldn’t agree any less, marriage sure ain’t for everyone but it seems everyone just wants to get married these days just to join the bandwagon of wedding planning, pre-wedding and wedding picture whatever and all the shenanigans that come with weddings. I’m still indifferent about the whole thing to be honest and I sure ain’t ready as much as I wish to get married soon…Lol see me contradicting myself.

  2. At first when I saw the subject updated on your bb, I couldn’t but agree completely. It’s an ongoing education I have to keep doing for people all around me. You know, it’s so sad we are still buried in our traditional norms and primitve ways.
    Even the Bible states categorically, that “marriage is a gift” the same way as “singleness is a gift”- Matthew 19:10-12.
    Well, for me, just like you also said, “I still hope and pray to be married someday, soon. However, NO-ONE, I mean No Soul can coarse or even pressure me to do it. I’ll do when I’m mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually PREPARED. Thanks for the “piece” bro.

  3. Marriage… I can’t but pray for God to give me the grace to stay in it… I’ve never fancied that institution anyways… Have kids… That’s all… No commitment whatsoever… God help us all

  4. True talk Dipo. Marriage is not for everybody, but people will never accept that. I believe its the society we are in,there is too much pressure from parents. Also people want the elaborate wedding tingy hence the desperation to get married, forgetting there is more to marriage than party.


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