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Hi guys, I trust you wonderful people have been good. I need to quit apologizing and start taking action instead. I have been a naughty boy by not posting regularly right? You guys should bear with me, I will add posting regularly to my new year resolution list.
Now back to the story at hand. My beloved Man Utd team have been all sorts of poor or should I say terrible? Either way what is bad is bad and in Yoruba parlance oun ti ko da ko da. Well it’s too late to dump a club I started supporting in the 90s or a club I had the opportunity to hear a bit of its history from people I regard as role models (Big Doz and Big Yomz). And when it comes to football it’s just Man Utd for me and the others (Aston Villa, Newcastle, Juventus and Real Madrid).
I have been dilly dallying on what I think the Man Utd problem is and I have aired my views in posts past. I have even made excuses for Messr Moyes saying it’s not been his fault and that we should blame Woodward or whoever the clown handling transfer issues is. Even when he demoted Mike Phelan and Rene Mulensteen I felt it was right he brought in his crew (I thought they were knowledgeable). I didn’t know they were a bunch of senator I concur type of people.
People have been saying the players are old and that they should be replaced, I mean how old can you get in 6 months? It was this same squad that won the league last season and for me the difference between last season and this season still remains Sir Alex Ferguson being at helm of affairs last time out and David Moyes replacing him. Ferguson might not be the best in terms of man management (he sure is for me) but he handled all his squad well. Fergie is a manager who knows the team he would select for a game to be played in 2 weeks. Basically just ensure the players are fit and healthy and tell them you need to be playing well because I have earmarked you for so, so and so games. The story at Old Trafford has changed, who dare come out to criticize Ferguson as RVP and just recently Ferdinand did as regards Moyes? You sack the back room staff that has been a part and parcel of a success story only to bring in newbies that will only see things from your point of view just to keep their jobs. We are 9th at the moment and it seems all we can pray for is not to be relegated at this juncture.
Don’t get me wrong, still a Man Utd fan (till death), besides if Mr. Deji Tinubu still supports Nottingham Forest I shouldn’t be so bothered but then who doesn’t like constant success? Now I will have to change my top four predictions and I made a mistake putting Man Utd on top not because of how the season has been so far but because the last time United won the league going into a World Cup year was 1994. That’s been a while o. Yea my football superstition has come into play again. I will like to add that Sir Alex Ferguson’s biggest Man Utd mistake was not selling Jaap Stam, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham or whoever but I think it was him picking or being allowed to pick Moyes as his replacement. Football today is about instant results, nobody has time to wait.
Imagine if United doesn’t make the top four, we lose the £40m pounds that comes with Champions league qualification and the few million pounds extra that comes with finishing high up the league. With the debts on ground I doubt if the Glazers would be patient with Moyes.
This post has been my opinion and I know a lot of people will not agree with this crap I have written but it’s just my opinion and how I feel. It is safe to say the league is Assnal’s to lose even though I hate to admit it.
Thanks for reading and a big THANK YOU to those that voted for me and for those that didn’t vote for me I know y’all and Santa wouldn’t be nice to you, lol. Just teasing. Have a fabulous week filled with the ALMIGHTY’s blessings.
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  1. Can u please republish that post where u predicted the top 4, we need to monitor that list periodocally aaas d season goes along even till the end.

  2. Well, I would love to monitor it too. Nice write up. U dey lament, u no knw say na Fergie dey win league for una all these while?
    U think say na d kind squad wey una get? If u ask me, una need bring in Fergie kinda of coach or just change a whole lot of players. Pele boda mi


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