After work on Friday myself and Damz decided to honour a close pal who was going to propose to his girlfriend (don’t ask me when I am going to propose o). The venue was Protea in Ikeja and you know when Nigerians hear buffet, the smile on their face is usually different as in devious. Well that’s was the kind of smile myself and Damz had. There was mad traffic on Ikorodu road and our friend kept calling us because time was going and the restaurant was to close for 10pm.

We eventually got there at 9pm, and we had an hour to eat as much as we could. Damz called his friend BB to come over too and he was also running late. Myself and Damz got down to business immediately eating the orisirisi on ground from potato to mixed vegetable to chicken, fish, turkey, pork, rice, dodo, macaroni to mention a few. Did I just say a few? It’s a few because there are some things I can’t even remember that were on show. With all the bragging we just went two rounds, and it was so sad I didn’t have my favourite meal (eba and okra), to tell you how confused I was. Damz’ friend came in like 9.40 and he had 20 minutes to eat 6,500 naira worth of food. The clown had little rice and chicken which infuriated Damz. Come and see begging o. Damz was begging him to please eat more make money no waste and the guy was like he is on a diet, I mean who says that? In a nut shell the guy no gree chop more o.

We were seriously hating BB at this juncture until he said something funny, anyway it was funny to myself and Damz. So he was forgiven. Let me say this, driving a car after been a busaholic all your life needs getting used to. Apparently BB just bought his car and a few days later he took the car to a car wash. After parking the car and giving instructions to the person washing the car, he decided to take a stroll. He saw a bus and heard the conductor shouting Yaba wo le, Yaba wo le. The dude jumped into the bus forgetting he brought his car. He was almost at Yaba when he remembered he drove a car. Myself and Damz laughed till we got home. It was an interesting Friday overall and yes the babe said yes. Congrats to my man Dr. Evil and his wife to be Dimmie.

Saturday morning started with me hooking up with 2 colleagues and a friend. We were heading to Elegushi beach to work out. I mean who does that? I had nothing to lose even as weird as working out on the beach sounded. We got there and we started out by jogging and I must say jogging on the beach bare feet is tougher than maths, physics and chemistry rolled in one. Shit was difficult. We tried playing badminton but the wind didn’t help matters, we tossed volleyballs around and after that we did a bit of aerobics before calling it a day.

Had a haircut and had my bath then faced work to support our Company’s cause of screening ladies for breast and cervical cancer. It was fun talking to ladies explaining the importance of doing the screening. Ladies please go for screening and guys tell your girlfriends, sisters, wives and even mothers too to go for screening. After a while we the men disappeared to do what we enjoy best when gathered which is to watch footie. It was Man Shitty taking on Assnal at the Ethiad Stadium in Manchester. Myself and fellow Man Utd peeps had verbally assaulted the Arsenal fans by telling them how prolific Man City have been at home this season and how it was only Wayne Rooney and Romelu Lukaku that had scored against them at home this season before the day’s game.

The Gunners were however beaten, battered and brushed. They lost 6-3 , though Theo Walcott (brace) and Per Metersacker became the 3rd and 4th players respectively to score at the Ethiad against Man City in the league this season. I can’t write off Assnal as regards the title race because they have been picking up points against the so called smaller teams which is very important, unlike one team like that. If you don’t know the team na you know o. I hope my team steps up tomorrow though because we can’t continue like this o. Van Persie out for a month? Now I have to say we are kinda jinxed. Sigh, it is well. I was going to write a post about my top ten movies but I am not sure if I have even seen 10 movies this year or even between last year and this year combined. I will come up with an idea or a post though.

Thanks for reading guys…… Stay Blessed and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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  1. gud piece, funny yaba wole guy, thank God he did not 4get whr he packd his car instead, where can i b screened, av bin avin such tots, prevention beta dan cure dey say.


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