Day 355 of 365: Birmingham!!!


I have always told my friends that if I had done my Masters in any of the schools in the Midlands, particularly the University of Birmingham I probably wouldn’t have passed. Birmingham felt like Lagos with a large number of Nigerians that resided, worked or schooled there at the time.

So after my second semester was done and dusted, my friends and I left for a wedding in the city of Birmingham. My cousin Ofoodi housed me during my stay there and took good care of me. She had wonderful housemates too. The wedding day came, and yeah I was looking fab in my fitted suit (when I could still use the word fitted).

I sat down with my guy at the reception and as we were eating and chatting a lady caught my eyes. I thought it was because I was looking good. She would look my way, smile and then look elsewhere or stare at her phone. Then minutes later she stood and was walking towards me with a smile. At this point I was like should I run away or just chill. She got to my table, stretched her hands towards me and said hi I am Jibola. I have been staring at you from a distance and as I was about to respond, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was a message from OmoBee.

OmoBee was my girlfriend at the time. I froze but I was happy I didn’t make a move on Jibola earlier than she walked down to my table. It was one of those days I thanked GOD I was shy. Apparently the moment Jibola saw me, she buzzed OmoBee to ask if I was in Birmingham and she responded with a Yes. The plan was to set me up hence the smile and stare from her end, even though OmoBee was so sure I wasn’t going to make a move on Jibola.

I serve a living GOD, praise master JESUS. Lol.



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