Day 303 of 365: Kids, I LOVE THEM


The semifinals of The Swizz Championship was played this morning. We thank GOD for the success of both games. It is the first of hopefully many tourneys but I am glad for the success thus far. We have the final tomorrow at 4 pm so if you are interested holla at your boy for more details.

I was however amazed by a few young boys, 5 of them in number and the oldest must have been about 8 years old. They had come to watch the semis but you know kids they also wanted to get on the pitch and play football even if it was amongst each other. I can dare say they had rather play with themselves if they had a field than watch the older lads.

The semis ended and the other older lads whose teams had either been eliminated from the tourney or didnt participate at all wanted to play sets. This meant the kids had to wait a bit longer. When it looked like their time had come after the older lads had tired out they rushed to the pitch knocking the ball around. Then we decided to test their patience further.

We asked they helped pick and thrash the litter and afterwards they could enjoy their game. We expected them to grumble so we had it in mind to give them a Thousand Naira to share after they were done. These boys were so eager and they got down to business and when they were done they ran back to get the ball to continue their game.

We called one of them who goes by the name Desmond to come and collect the money. About 3 of them came running back and unrehearsed they shouted we don’t want the money, we just wanted to play football. This statement melted my heart. We insisted they took the money and they did.

Shout out to Ope Cole for dropping the Thousand Naira. I love kids, either boys or girls.



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