Day 210 of 365: My Smile


I have got pretty tiny teeth and I am honestly not bothered as a matter of fact a big shout out to my mum who got me to wear braces when I was much younger. Yes, I wore braces between my J.S.S 2 and S.S.1.

My Orthodontist Dr Dacosta was tired of me at some point because she expected I’d wear them for a year tops. How does Dipo see Snickers or Twix and not want to have a bite, maybe two? This caused the extended use of braces. I used braces for 18 months and retainers for 6 months. The result; a perfect set of tiny teeth.

Anyway, people think I smile because I want to flaunt the tiny bristles that my lips cover. Nah, my smile is my go-to guy when I try to conceal disappointment, anger or what have you. I love the smile anyway.



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