Day 201 of 365: Lagos Camp was the BEST!!!


Whenever the talk of NYSC comes up I am always quick to point out Lagos camp was the best. I could have served in Bayelsa State but GOD had better plans and I thank him for protecting me from whatever could have happened. You can read my Bayelsa Chronicles via, and I<span;> can’t forget where I was when I got the call from my friend that I had been posted to Lagos.

I was at Ozone Cinemas with a friend and her cousins and then the phone rang, I ignored the call at first then the caller called again so as not to sound like a nuisance I stepped out to take the call. It was Walata, my guy, he said I was posted to Lagos for my NYSC. I walked back into the cinema after thanking Walata. I had to tell my friend I was leaving.

Anyway, while in camp I had the best roommates, crazy guys. I also made friends with guys that were not in my room, especially the lads in my Platoon (Platoon 1) and a couple of female friends. I enjoyed watching the girls play Volley Ball, the guys in OBS put up a good performance and most importantly the football competition was awesome especially the semifinal match that I messed up in but allowed me to be friends with a sweet Physiotherapist whom I had to feign injury for to see her for a few days.

Some of my Abuja based guys would disappear to Abuja for a week and come back to spoil us in Mammy Market. Some of my guys even caught a thief who pretended to be an evangelist. The camp was truly interesting.

Sundays were however the best days in camp. After church service, they served rice even though the only food I ate during my stay was from Mammy Market. I had a weird diet. I had Noodles in the mornings and Semo with Oha soup in the afternoon then suya and drinks in the evenings all through. Sundays were also the best days because my peeps came visiting with food and drinks for me and my roommates.

Lagos Camp was the best, PERIOD.



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