Day 200 of 365: Kiss, Marry, Kill


I was with a couple of friends one time and we were talking about a lot of things from football (always always), our school days and our female crushes. You really thought the ladies wouldn’t come up in the conversation, how now? Lol.

On the ladies gist, we took it further by playing the kiss, marry and kill game. They knew what they were doing because they knew who some of my favourite female celebrities were. It was always going to be tough for me and they limited the options to Americans. So I was to Kiss, Marry or Kill these pretty 3; Tatyana Ali, Queen Latifah and Serena Williams.

So I decided to kiss Serena Williams, I mean she is my all-time best female athlete and I would love to converse with her as a sports head myself. I would definitely marry Tatyana Ali, she was my first female celebrity crush, if you know Ashley Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, yeah she’s the one. She was cute back then and even uber-cute right now. It was however hard to do this as I had to kill Queen Latifah. I love her, her music, she totally kills her roles in movies cum series but she’s older, still very cute though.



    • Probably why I’d kill her. Couldn’t state this in my post and I didn’t have a verifiable source. Thanks for reading. Bless


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