Day 19 of 365: 753 games after


So on Sunday Lionel Messi was in the news for all the wrong reasons. Barcelona played Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final which the former lost 3:2 and Messi got his first ever red card playing for Barcelona.

It was the Argentine’s first red card whilst playing his 753rd game for the Catalans, while Ronaldo has been sent off 10 times (5 straight red cards and 2 yellow cards in 5 games). Who would have thought Messi could lose his head in a game, but hey that’s by the way.

Let’s talk about why Cristiano Ronaldo is the Greatest of All Times (G.O.A.T). Yeah Messi has more Balon D’or with 6 wins compared to Ronaldo’s 5. The 11 Balon D’ors amongst them were won between 2008 and 2019 with Croat Luka Modric breaking the hold of the award the two players dominated for over a decade.

Ronaldo however has won a trophy with his country Portugal while Lionel Messi is yet to achieve this feat with Argentina. So we can say they are even now yeah?

So to decide who the G.O.A.T really is, we should take into account the amount of finals they have both played in and how many they won or lost. Messi has played in more finals with 35 and Ronaldo has played in 30 finals, however Messi has lost 12 of those 35 finals while Ronaldo has lost 9 in 30 finals.

Still hard to judge right? We settle with percentage wins. Messi boasts of a win rate of about 66% while Ronaldo has a win rate of 70% in finals.

Some people will come with Messi dominates games more than Ronaldo, when he scores more goals than Ronaldo please holla.

Don’t mind me o, there are 2 players on ground and I think I have every right to pick one as my favourite.

Tomorrow, my peeps.


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