Day 138 of 365: Tolu wants to Japa


So when one of the few people that give you hope that things will be alright in this our country plans to take a flight and never return, then there’s truly something wrong. Tolu is the one who has put me on this punishment of writing everyday. She wan run o.

I have not seen Tolu in years but I know her enough to say she’s strong and the life of a party. She now wants to take a hike, ko jor. Lol.  Someone that has been motivating from Lekki now wants to move to the abroad. Issorite.

I totally get her point, she’s lived in the abroad before and has been exposed to what is right and what is wrong without being told. She saw things herself.

Tolu I wish you the best and always will. I support you. If people need to japa, they should please JAPA.



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