Day 133 of 365: This Lady Called Life


After a few months’ hiatus from Netflix I decided to stage a come back. I had been philandering with Amazon Prime because I could watch Two and a Half Men (one of my favourite series) on it and a few other series. So on Sunday was when I staged my come back to Netflix. I went straight to top 10 in Nigeria and boom  I saw Seven on the list which I immediately watched because it had RMD in it and most importantly Efe Iwara.

After finishing Seven, I switched to cable tv and while catching up on some football gist my guy Wemimo posted about a movie titled ‘This Lady Called Life’ starring Bisola Aiyeola, Tina Mba and Efa Iwara. He rated the movie highly and I thought I would watch it during the holidays. Got round to watch it today and no regrets whatsoever.

I am not going to even to tell you what happened in the movie but be rest assured that it would be worth your while. Grab your  popcorn and a drink. Bisola and Tina killed the movie. The dialogue was so on point just as Wemimo said and dialogue sequences are what I usually look out for in a movie. I don’t care about the picture quality or budget. Bisola has proven to be very good with this acting craft. Efa also nailed his role but you see that madam Tina Mba, she put out stuff of legends in this one.

I will rate the movie a 7/10. Thank you Wemimo.



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