Day 132 of 365: I envied THEM


So for most part of their Primary school days, my cousins didn’t have to wear School Uniforms to school, they just rocked muftis and I thought it was really cool. They went to Saint Saviours.

I went to University of Lagos Staff School so I am sure the name alone tells you we had to wear school uniforms. I always talked about my cousins’ dress code to their school  with my friends in my own school and wished we could switch to muftis.

The only time you get to dress in mufti in my school was if it was your birthday and guess what, yours truly never got the chance to wear mufti because he was born on the 29th of December. This meant there was no way school would have been in session at the tail end of the year.

Anyway when my cousins got to Primary 5, the school had them wearing school uniforms. Still, for most part of their Primary school years they wore mufti and I was envious. Lol.



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