Bolaji Ogunmola: What’s the Big Deal?


So for like 12 days in a row, I have been posting a particular beautiful dark-skinned lady on my WhatsApp status which raised questions every damn day. However, the voluptuous beauty didn’t just catch my attention as I have been an admirer for a couple of years now.

Those that know me well know I’d pick a fair/light-skinned lady every day and 3 times on Sundays if it comes down to choices but Bolaji is like Amarula, a different blend. Anyway story for another day.

While some people consistently asked if she was the one, like if she was someone I was dating others just concluded that I am head over heels because of her chest. Well first she isn’t the one and I have never even met her online or offline. I just have a huge crush on her, particularly her sultry voice.

Yeah, I heard the voice before I saw her face. The television was on in the living room (was on Rok TV, channel 168 on cable) one night whilst I was in the room prepping what to wear to work the next day. Immediately I heard her voice, I went to the living room so I could match a face to it.

I wasn’t disappointed, she was beautiful but Jemima Osunde, Genevieve Nnaji and even Nancy Osime were already ahead of her in the pecking order at the time. So those of you thinking it was the boobs that attracted me to her can you see that I don’t discriminate?

Bolaji Ogunmola is beautiful, her carriage is perfect and yes it is just a crush that will probably fade away but right now she is my  woman crush every day. An autograph will suffice for all this wahala.

Again Bolaji is fine.



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