David De Gea: To Sell or Not To Sell?


I had already said I wasn’t going to say anything about the David De Gea saga until when my cute Alhaja friend, remember her from my last post of 2013 (http://www.dipoogun.com/the-last-piece-of-the-year/) broached the topic yesterday. She was of the opinion that maybe David De Gea should be punished and in the process lose his superstar status for not being loyal to the club. She could have a point no doubt but I think we should all look at it from another angle, well at least we Manchester United fans and the neutrals should. De Gea for me was the best goaltender in the whole of the world last season and I wouldn’t trade him for anything hence my stand on blaming the club instead of shredding the lad. It’s no longer news Real Madrid wants to sign him but I have not ‘seen’ him say anywhere he wants out of United but if he did then he has a right to.
Firstly, I think Man Utd should cut their losses either by selling him on a cheap now or just let him run down the remainder of his contract and let him go on free because I know that World record fee they are expecting won’t happen. Yes it’s true there aren’t much goalkeepers that are as good De Gea but the Red Devils shouldn’t hold on to an unhappy player, it’s unhealthy for the team. I think Louis Van Gaal is being too rigid on this issue, scratch that Van Gaal is a naturally rigid person so maybe we should just let him do his thing.
Secondly, I think Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure would have been a shock to the lad just as it was publicly stated that it was to Robin Van Persie. David De Gea could have re-evaluated his situation from that moment David Moyes was named Ferguson’s replacement. David Moyes couldn’t attract top names let alone retain some of the experienced players (I still won’t forgive him for letting Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic go). Moyes ensured Manchester United finished 7th (he was sacked with a few games to go, with Ryan Giggs handed the reins temporarily) which is the worst placing I have witnessed personally and alas a position that gave Mr. David De Gea the leverage to stall on a new deal, not that he was offered one yet but it was only a matter of time. Enter Van Gaal and the team improved from 7th to move back into the elite zone (Top 4) of the EPL.
De Gea probably wanted to see if things would pick up but as it is there is a bit of uncertainty and negotiations of him signing a new contract came a tad bit late. Ordinarily contract negotiations should have started when he had about 18 months left on the present deal. I mean who turns down a Real Madrid even if it meant you were going straight to the bench? The De Gea matter could drag till the end of the transfer window but Manchester United and we the fans should prepare to move on.
Finally, I blame Manchester United for the De Gea quagmire because if a buyout clause was inserted into his contract at the initial stage he probably wouldn’t leave for cheap or for free. I think English teams are guilty of this act of not inserting a buyout clause in their players’ contract. Now this has given Real Madrid the leverage to threaten Man Utd with the fact that they will wait till De Gea’s contract runs out next summer and get him on a free transfer with a huge sign on fee promised to the player. Louis Van Gaal should move on and probably stick with the goalkeeping trio of Sergio Romero, Sam Johnstone and Ander Lindergard or move for alternatives like Jan Oblak from Slovenia who plys his trade with Atletico Madrid or Bernd Leno who is German and plays for Bayer Leverkusen.
A big shout out to my man Darren and my cute Alhaja friend for inspiring this post, BLESS you guys.
Thanks guys for your time and stay BLESSED!!!
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