Sunday, March 26, 2023
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My Top 22 Sporting Moments of 2022

2022 was quite interesting if you look at it from the sports world. Before the day’s agenda, you people that eat crab are trying o, why must enjoyment be...
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My Top 22 Songs of 2022

Choosing the best songs or coming up with a chart is one of the most difficult tasks. 2021 was a great year for music in Nigeria, but 2022 was...

3 Days of Sallah

I knew the Sallah break was going to be one hell of an interesting one. Saturday and Sunday were days I was surely going to go out. My people...

Bolaji Ogunmola: What’s the Big Deal?

So for like 12 days in a row, I have been posting a particular beautiful dark-skinned lady on my WhatsApp status which raised questions every damn day. However, the...

An Advantage of Junk Food

I was racking my head on the job yesterday when I decided to pick up my phone to call Stan the only person I can dump my frustrations on...

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Day 40 of 365: Top 10 DMX Songs

Only Jay Z has spent more time as my favourite artist than DMX. Born Earl Simmons aka Dark Man X aka Divine Master of...

Her Lines (The Docudrama)

Morning guys, I trust you had a wonderful weekend. This post is about a Docu Drama (Her Lines) coming soon  which was written and...

Day 354 of 365: Bournemouth

No I am not japaing or running away but if I was to live in the United Kingdom, Bournemouth will be amongst the top...

Day 268 of 365: I have finally forgiven Uncle Nnaemeka

When I was in Primary School I wasn't a fan of after school lessons. I had this routine in Primary 5. After classes wrapped...

I didn’t VOTE

My Permanent Voters Card (PVC) got missing and I did all it took to replace it. Sworn affidavit, queued in the rain, yes it...

Day 351 of 365: Picasso Baby

It ain't hard to tell, Jay Z is the best rapper alive. It is always hard to pick my favourite Jay Z album but...