Thursday, December 8, 2022

3 Days of Sallah

I knew the Sallah break was going to be one hell of an interesting one. Saturday and Sunday were days I was surely going to go out. My people...

Bolaji Ogunmola: What’s the Big Deal?

So for like 12 days in a row, I have been posting a particular beautiful dark-skinned lady on my WhatsApp status which raised questions every damn day. However, the...

An Advantage of Junk Food

I was racking my head on the job yesterday when I decided to pick up my phone to call Stan the only person I can dump my frustrations on...

2022: A few FIRSTS!!!

First New Year Message Received: From one fine babe like that, Jadesola. 12 midnight sharp First New Year Message Sent: To Jadesola, 12:02am First New Year call received: Labimbi First New Year...

Day 365 of 365: What a YEAR!!!

This is my last post of this year 2021 and I  probably might not be posting anytime soon. Yes, I won't be posting an article a day come 2022....

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Day 145 of 365: My Fear of Dogs

I am afraid of dogs, scratch that I am so scared of them that I'd rather not visit you if you had them as...

Day 23 of 365: Casino Royale

Up until this day I had never seen a Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. The only movie I had seen him feature in was...

My Last Post Ever

Hey guys, happy new year again. May the blessings that come with 2014 locate you all in JESUS name (Amen). No your eyes aren't...

Day 99 of 365: Somebody DIED!!!

A few days back I had said being in a vegetative state was not a good situation, the truth is it was a matter...

Day 305 of 365: Episode 3 and MORE!!!

Episode 3 of the Movies, Music and Sports (MMS) podcast dropped last week Thursday but I needed to listen to it over and over...

A La Ponche: My Man

I met this Ponche dude officially in 2006 in Uni though I had been seeing him around but we never just had cause to...