Why Louis Van Gaal Should Succeed at Man Utd


It been 3 months of mixed feelings for my beloved Manchester United team like I said in my last post though present stats read 5 (wins) – 4 (draws) – 3 (Losses) compared to the 4-4-3 it was last time out. Yea the victory over Arsenal last Saturday granted us our 5th league win this season and boy was I happy. Arsenal played better (yawns) no doubt but in the last decade who has played better than Arsenal in the EPL? It’s not how you play that matters its winning that actually counts. So my beloved team got one over the Gunners, but wait for it. It happened at the Emirates baby. 7 games in the last 3 years against the North London side and the Red Devils still haven’t lost.

Back to the crux of the matter. Louis Van Gaal is sure having a not so fun time at Carrington but I strongly believe he has what it takes to succeed at the club though this perceived success is presently hampered by injuries to his squad. An injury every three days is the current rate of damage to the team but a fully healthy squad will prove worthy title contenders.

Here are reasons why I think Louis Van Gaal would be a success at Manchester United:

  • Louis Van Gaal is a disciplined tactician and he has been tested and proven to be a winner everywhere he’s coached well except for the Dutch National team.
  • His team is only playing domestic football
  • The quality of players injected into the squad will need time to gel and afterwards they (together with the other lads) would become formidable.
  • A slightly young squad (enough energy and enthusiasm) blended with a bit of experience
  • Wayne Rooney is Captain (Always has that wanting to win aura)
  • Funds seem to be available to bring in more quality and
  • We are Manchester United

There you have it, my reasons why King Louis would be a success. The season is just 12 games old and by success I mean a top four finish.
Below are my predictions for this weekend’s round of EPL games
Westbrom 0 Vs 1 Arsenal
Burnley 0 Vs 1 Aston Villa
Liverpool 2 Vs 1 Stoke City
Man Utd 3 Vs 0 Hull City
QPR 1 Vs 1 Leicester City
Swansea 2 Vs 1 Crystal Palace
Westham 0 Vs 1 Newcastle
Sunderland 0 Vs 2 Chelsea
Southampton 1 Vs 1 Man City
Spurs 2 Vs 0 Everton
Do have a wonderful weekend.

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