Top 16 Sporting Moments of 2016


portugal2016 is about to hit a climax but there were some amazing and unbelievable events in the world of sports this year. From soccer to Formula 1 to tennis and even basketball, we witnessed surprises and some will call it luck but don’t we all need an element of luck to hit success at some point in our lives?
On a personal note 2016 gave me joy and I must thank the Almighty GOD for sparing my life. March 4 and December 18, 2016 are days I won’t forget that easy but that is story for another day. Back to the matter *in Wizkid’s voice* , I have penned down my top 16 Sporting Moments of 2016 and I would love your take on it or even your top 16 Sporting Moments if you so desire.
Find my list below:
1. Leicester City’s English Premier League win  #Underdogs
2. Portugal winning Euro 2016 in France #Luck
3. Nico Roseberg’s Formula 1 triumph #Push
4. Cleveland Cavalier’s NBA success #Deserved
5. Andy Murray ending the year as world’s number 1 in Tennis #Improved
6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s move to Manchester United #Highlight
7. Leicester City’s qualification for the knock out phase of the UEFA Champions League #Progress
8. Kevin Durrant joining Golden State Warriors #PerfectMove
9. Real Madrid’s Champions League triumph #LaUnDecima
10. Henrik Mkhitaryan’s goal for Manchester United against Sunderland on Boxing Day #Baller
11. Rangers FC of Enugu’s league winning feat in the Nigerian Premier League #LongTimeComing
12. Brazil’s gold winning success at the Rio Olympics #Finally
13. Serena Williams tying Steffi Graf’s record for the number of Grandslams won (22) #ModernErasFinest
14. Kobe Bryant’s last game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He raked in 60 points from 50 shots when the Lakers beat Utah Jazz in April #BowsOutInStyle
15. Allen Iverson’s hall of fame speech #Emotional
16. Usain Bolt’s Olympic success (winning gold) in the 100meters, 200meters and the 4 x 100m relay at the Rio Olympics #Legend
There you have it, my top 16 Sporting Moments of 2016. Happy New Year in advance guys and stay Blessed. Thanks for your time.


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