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This post was inspired by boredom and a slightly good memory. First let me apologise for not writing in a while. I always apologise abi? I am really sorry. I trust I am forgiven as always. I was gisting with a friend BJ this morning and he was telling me about one dude (Leke) he shared the same hostel with in LASU (Lagos State University). He said Leke had a bet with someone. That someone challenged Leke to eating 10 galas. 10 galas and he could drink water or whatever if he wanted to. Leke however devoured the galas and topped it up with a bottle of 50cl coke. This happened in 2007. Not difficult right? If you think it’s not try eating 10 packs of Okin biscuits (square one) in 20mins. Trust me it is difficult.

BJ’s story however brought memories of my high school (the best in Lagos). It’s strange to hear that my J.S.S1 year was my favourite period in that school up until S.S 2 third term through to the end of S.S.3. Not that I suffered in other classes. Yea J.S.S 1 was cool because I had the biggest and tallest dude (Yomz) in school as my cousin. I wasn’t a stubborn boy and I hardly got into trouble. In fact I could say I was near anonymous throughout my high school days. I only spoke to peeps that spoke to me, I wasn’t a snub. I had friends (plenty of them) but you could say I was just shy and scared of embarrassment. My school mother (assigned by Yomz) always complained about me being too quiet. GOD bless her plenty because she took good care of me then. She was food prefect and you know I love food, hehehehehehe.

Back to the story at hand, a dude in Yomz’s set called Don and the SP (Espero) had a bet. This involved Don eating 13 loaves of the best burger (bread and stew and a tiny piece of meat) in school and the whole of that particular zone in Lagos without drinking water. Chai Madam Kiosk (the lady who sold the burger) hammer o. The bread which was N10 then is equivalent to the one they sell N60 now (Agege of course). This wager was talk of the school before and after it took place. The venue was the hostel prefect of new hostel’s room and Don was given an hour to carry out this task. One hour to eat 13 loaves of bread? Well he didn’t have a choice. The wager was set at N1, 000 (big money then). I am not telling you what year jor. It was a long time ago though. The invited guests were strictly S.S.3 boys and the hostel was supposed to be empty that Sunday afternoon. Yomz was the old hostel eye and part of the organisers of this epic event. I wasn’t invited but I feigned illness and I was lying on my bed which was in the room directly beside the event center.

Don started eating away, the first 4 loaves went down too easily and it was looking like he was going to finish the 13 loaves. At times I would sneak to see how far he had gone. Ducking behind the dusty net shielding the louvers of the event center in case someone tried to look back. He was on the 8th one and he still looked like he would down the whole 13. I thought; is this guy human or just a wobia (glutton)? He started struggling on the 9th loaf and time was running out. He ate the 10th and had three more to go. The boys were cheering him on. Well except Espero whose money was at stake. On the 11th one, the Don choked and it was obvious loaves 12 and 13 would be eaten by one or two of the invited guests. Don couldn’t go further. He lost the wager and as a gentleman he handed Espero his N1, 000.

Seriously? 10 and a half loaves? I love food but I wouldn’t have eaten more than two. And don’t think Don was obese o. He was fit as a fiddle and he was even the school’s first choice goalkeeper (He was really good). This is one bet I will never forget, maybe because it was food related, hahahahahaha.

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  1. Dat feat small nah…ask anyone who attended Abeokuta Grammar School hostel between 1995-1997…there was a certain Akinshipe who ate 15wraps of heavy fufu…twas a bet though and it seems akinshipw would die after the last blow…he managed to eat it while crying…after getting his wager…twas vomit that followed. The kinda fufu dey wrap these days, i can do 15!

    • Its a small feat no doubt but 15 wraps of fufu is small. A guy ate 20 in my school and it wasn’t mentioned cos dere wasn’t a wager. The guy does it anytime we were served fufu.


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